Demolition is a job best left to the experts, let the team at Batavia Timber & Salvage take care of your residential demolition needs. We’ve got all the equipment and a highly skilled team ready to take care of all your demolition requirements. Whether it’s a small shed, or a large house you want demolished, we can take care of it all for you!

All work completed by us is performed in accordance with applicable Australian laws and regulations with all the information, notifications and paperwork lodged with the respective legislative bodies before any demolition works are undertaken.

Excavator Hire

Excavators are widely used for a variety of purposes, such as the digging of trenches, holes and foundations, material handling, brush cutting with hydraulic attachments, demolition work etc.

Asbestos Removal License

We’re fully licensed (WARA 1970) and qualified asbestos removalists with years of experience in removing firm and loosely bound asbestos. If you are unsure whether you have asbestos then we have it tested before commencing any removal works.

Bob Cat Hire

Our Bobcat allows you to remove up to 20m3 at a time for those back breaking jobs around your home or your current building project. Perfect for lawn removal, drive way removal, yard clearing, landscaping, and site clean up - all at very competitive Bobcat Hire rates!


Batavia Timber and Salvage provides a full range of services for the removal of commercial structures and facilities. We provide selective demolition services including the removal of interior finishes & complete or partial strip outs. We frequently work in the most challenging of environments where assets are to be protected, environmental factors need to be addressed and schedules are challenging.

Batavia Timber and Salvage has the experience to mitigate liabilities whether they are environmental, or safety related. Our focus is to provide the highest calibre of service while ensuring safe procedures to allow our client to rapidly return their real estate back into productive use.

Truck Hire

We have Experienced Site Demolition Supervisors and Staff to service commercial and domestic customers in Geraldton, the Midwest and surrounding areas.

Batavia Timber & Salvage are demolition subcontractors performing works throughout Mid & North West areas for various clients.

Class 2 Demolition License

WAD288 - Demolition work comprising the total or partial demolition of a building or structure that is less than 10 metres in height, when measured from the lowest ground level of the building or structure, to the highest part of the building or structure.

Labour Hire

Batavia Timber and Salvage have a number of Commercial Vehicles for wet hire.

We have 2 Hiab Trucks with 9 meter or 8 and a 1/2 meter trays.

Not to mention our International Tip Trucks with a 22.5 ton and 13.9 ton capacity.


Asbestos Removal can be a complex task for those that are looking to do it themselves. All too often those that try it themselves find that they don’t have the necessary skills and equipment to remove and dispose of asbestos safely and put people at risk unnecessarily.

Batavia Timber & Salvage have over 15 years of experience when it comes to Safe Asbestos Removal in Geraldton & the Midwest Region.

Contact a member of our highly skilled and qualified team to discuss your Asbestos removal needs today for a quote.